Properties and benefits

CoffeeBerry® Whole Coffee Fruit

It is a natural product containing the highest quantity of antioxidants, even more than blueberries, blackberries, etc…

CoffeeBerry® whole coffee fruit comes from the fruit. In the process the fruit and pulp that contains the coffee beans are thrown away. This pulp contains the largest amount of nutrients naturally contained in coffee.

When the roasting takes place the coffee looses among 40% to 85% of its antioxidants. With CoffeeBerry® whole coffee fruit ,this does not occur as we recover the antioxidants without changing the molecular structure of our coffee.


Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that may help us feel better, younger, healthier and with energy, this is because antioxidants may improve our immunologic system.

Antioxidants are defenses that may help us fight cells that cause aging and the ones which develop diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, heart failure and Parkisons syndrome.

Coffee fruit (cherry) and vegetables are a natural source of antioxidants this is do to the capability that plants develop defenses to protect themselves from the damage caused by solar radiation and some photosynthesis effects.

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GILA Monster

The Gila monster is an endemic reptile from Mexico that inspired the creation of GILA coffee, because its saliva like the CoffeeBerry® Whole Coffee Fruit, helps the prevention of some illnesses.

Gila Coffee vs Popular Beverages

Coffee: 1000 ORAC


Green Tea: 2000 ORAC


16 oz Cafe GILA: 15,000 ORAC


*473 ml coffee and Green tea

GILA Coffee vs Top antioxidant fruit













*1 gram of CoffeeBerry® Whole Coffee Fruit
*The ORAC scale was developed by the USDA (Department of Agriculture of the United States)

These numbers are a measurement on the ORAC scale, which measures the antioxidant power of each of the fruits and vegetables.

Just a 16 fl oz cup of coffee GILA is equivalent in antioxidant capacity up to 4 servings of fruits or vegetables.