Our Coffee

Café GILA is the first mexican coffee with the unique natural ingredient

CoffeeBerry® Whole Coffee Fruit

wich contains more antioxidants than any other natural source of the world.

Just a cup of GILA Coffee of 16 fl oz equals to 4 servings of fruits and vegetables in antioxidant capacity.


We used high grown coffee beans selected from the best coffee regions in our country:

• Coatepec
• Teocelo
• Córdoba
• Jaltenango
• San Cristóbal de las Casas
• Pluma Hidalgo


We create blends for differents palates, all of them are 100% arabica and contains the natural ingredient with the highest antioxidant capacity, CoffeeBerry®.

We have 5 different presentations to please the most demanding palates and for those who only want to enjoy a really good cup of coffee.


We are proud to present our whole GILA family

Limited Edition
A unique blend, its distinguished variety of roasts and diversity of regions gives us an outstanding chocolate-like flavor, with an aroma of toasted nuts with a perfect body and acidity. A cup made for experts and coffee lovers.

Original from the birthplace of coffee where the beans from ancestral lands fall in love, gives us a sublime cup with citrus flavors and caramel tones with a floral aroma and a great body.