Coffee brownies

Ingredients: 180 gr. of butter 30 gr.powder cocoa 120 ml of  espresso Gila Master Blend 350 gr. of granulated sugar 200 gr. of flower 10 gr. of baking powder 2 eggs 5 ml. of vanilla 30 gr.of chocolate chips   Step by Step... Preheat oven to 200 ° C and grease and flour a mold. Melt the butter, add the cocoa and



Ingredients 1 package of Italian lady fingers Syrup 250 ml of water 205 g of granulated sugar 50 ml of Kahlua 50 ml of Espresso GILA (Master Blend)  Mascarpone cream 400 g of mascarpone cheese 400 ml of whipping cream To decorate: Cocoa powder Step by step In a casserole, boil the water with the sugar. Once it cools, add the shot of


Panqué marmoleado con salsa Baileys y café

Ingredientes Panque marmoleado • 250g de harina • 250g de azúcar granulada • 250g de mantequilla • 150g de chocolate semi amargo • 60 ml de leche entera • 20g de polvo para hornear • 10 ml de vainilla (extracto) • 5g de sal • 2 huevos Salsa Bayles y café • 20 ml de crema para batir • 25 ml de Espresso