Beginning of coffee

In 1570 a botanical doctor took to Venice some botanical bags of coffee from the East, after noticing the effects produced by the coffee, he described it as a magical medicine.  The ports of Venice helped the expansion of coffee in Italy. The Venetians became coffee pioneers and that's how coffee became the favorite


History of coffee

Around 500 B.C, there were several rumors about a mysterious black beverage that had magical powers over the human body. Several stories about the effects of coffee were told, there was a rumor of using this black drink as medicine, but most famous story and today the most popular, was the




Coffee Journey

The coffee plant was originated in an African region called Kaffa, then it spread to Yemen, Arabia and Egypt. The Arabs were the first ones to export coffee to Syria, then to Persia, Turkey, and finally to Europe. The story goes around 1700, when a French army officer brought the coffee plant